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SERVICES: Elevating Your Landscape with Expert Tree Care

Welcome to the heart of our expertise! At J&S Enterprises, our tree services go beyond the ordinary. From meticulous tree pruning to safe removals, our team brings 28 years of excellence to every project. Explore our comprehensive range of services designed to enhance the health and beauty of your trees. Trust us for professional tree care in Murrysville, Penn Hills and surrounding areas – where quality meets nature's grace.

Stump Removal
Bucket Truck

Our Tree services include: Full Tree Removal, Tree Topping, and Tree Trimming Maintenance for the continued health of Trees along your property. 

For Tree Stumps on your property, a Stump Grinding Service is available for their removal. 

A Bucket Truck Service is offered to provide the elevation and security required for jobs out of reach of normal ground crews.  The confidence of our ease of operation and proficiency will help bring the top of your property to looking as nice as the grounds.

Our Bush Services include: Full Bush Removal and
Bush Trimming for the continued health of the bushes on your property.

Cord Wood
Vine Removal


Bed Edging

A Log Splitting Service is available to turn what unprocessed wood you may have into usable logs and to stack them on your property. Delivery of Cord Wood is also an option.    

Spot Seeding

A Spot Seeding Service is offered to repair bare patches of grass on your lawn to renew the vigor of your lawn's appearance.  Come springtime, bare spots and thinning patches can grow.  The damage is done during colder months and from other factors.

If unsightly Vines are threatening other plants or structures on your property, a Vine Removal Service is offered to remove them.

Grading, Excavation & Hauling.  Leveling for sheds, Grading for water drainage.  Spreading dirt and rock.

Bobcat Work

A Mulch Spreading Service is offered to beautify your property.  This mulching also aids in keeping water for trees and bushes in addition to help keep weeds from growing. 

Spring/Fall Cleanup

What better way to brighten your property than with a Clean Up Service for your Spring or Fall Needs.  J&S offers such a service to let you entire property look it's best.

For a fully manicured property, a Bed Edging Service is offered to trim and tighten the gardens and other beds that line your property. 

Complimentary Consultations

We welcome the opportunity to discuss current project ideas at your home or business to fully explore your options.

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